Psychosexual Assessments for Counselling in London and Essex


Psychosexual Assessments for Counselling in London and Essex

These are usually 50-minute long. These can be repeated weekly or less frequently depending on individual case.

The aim is to find out about you and what you are going through. You will be asked about any medical conditions, your medications, your relationship problems or any emotional issues.

The focus is generally on sexual or relationship issues. However, as stress, problems at work, financial, family or physical difficulties do contribute to the general emotional wellbeing, it is fine to talk about these issues too. The main thing to expect is to be talking about what is going on in your life.

It is important to remember that psychosexual counselling can only help if you are willing to help yourself. It helps you think about what you want and how you might go about getting it. It gives you both insight and control but cannot fix the problem for you.

Psychosexual assessments: a new approach to sexual health

sexual healthIn previous decades, sex was treated largely as a purely biological function, with little consideration given to the more psychological aspects of it.

In the modern world, it’s better understood that a person’s sex life is based on more than simple biology.

Mental stress, distractions and external stimuli can contribute to sexual dysfunction, so it’s crucial to explore the role that these factors play, and to discuss them in a safe environment. to that end, during your assessment, you’ll be in a safe environment staffed by trained professionals who will gently guide you through the assessment process, exploring personal, environmental and psychological factors that could be causing, or contributing to your particular personal issues.

Upon completion of an assessment, a recommendation for a particular treatment path shall be made, and you will be referred upon consent to do so.

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“How do psychosexual assessments work?”

Put simply, psychosexual assessments are question and answer based sessions that aim to narrow down the possible causes of your sexual dysfunction, making it easier, far less stressful, and less inconveniancing to your daily life to treat them.

As part of your assessment, we will

  • Construct a patient profile based on medical, family and sexual history
  • Construct an action plan based on the individual’s needs
  • Arranging for referral where needed.

“Who are psychosexual assessments aimed at?”

Psychosexual assessments are most commonly employed when an individual suffers from some degree of sexual dysfunction that is void of any obvious physiological cause. If you’re experiencing the following, you may well be an ideal candidate for psychosexual assessment:

  • Generalised low libido
  • Lack of physical arousal or excitement during sex
  • Delay or absence of orgasm
  • Lack of sexual desire